About Us

Hospitality Works, Inc. is an international consulting company.
We offer a wide scope of services from menu development to training outlines to seminars. In addition, each consultation is personally tailored by Izzy Kharasch to the specific needs of the individual client.

Hospitality Works, Inc. has participated in the analysis and development of more than 200 foodservice operations in twenty-four states and five countries. By utilizing our services, many of our clients have enjoyed projects that open on time, raise productivity, lower both labor and food costs, and most importantly, increase profits.

Hospitality Works, Inc. encourages customers to invest in themselves by setting up the most organized, well-developed foodservice operation possible. We have developed restaurants ranging from ten table cafes to themed family concepts to grocery stores to casino operations that seat a thousand. Contact Hospitality Works, Inc. to find out how we can help develop your business!